Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, so I missed on the game last night. Who knew? ELI IS THE MAN!

Well, if you're looking to redeem the four hours you spent in front of the TV last night, try this...

Last night was a test of PERSISTENCE vs PERFECTION. The Patriots, as we all know, were perfect going into the Super Bowl.

The Giants were hardly perfect - quite flawed, in fact. But they were PERSISTENT. After the first two games of the season - both bad losses - it would have been easy to quit. After losing three straight home games late in the season (hardly the mark of a champion), it would have been reasonable to pack it in.

But if nothing else, the Giants persisted, which really is the key to most success you will find in life. You don't have to be perfect (although it's a good objective to work toward), but you do need to persist. And although I have never been an Eli Manning fan, it was the Giants' often flawed quarterback who stood in and completed fourth down conversions on the game's final drive when history cast serious doubt on his ability to do so.

Did the more talented team win last night? Probably not. But did the Giants deserve to win - most definitely.

Go forth and persist this week...