Saturday, April 10, 2010


Colorado ranked 8th in the country in February for the lowest rate of mortgage delinquencies, according to asset management company Lender Processing Services.

The report said that 8.5% of Colorado mortgages were delinquent in February.  6.7% of those loans were late (at least one missed payment), while just 1.8% were in foreclosure (at least three payments behind with a foreclosure action filed by the lender).  The national average for delinquencies among all states was 13.5%.

Nationwide, there were nearly 8 million delinquent loans plus foreclosed loans nationwide at the end of February, up 26 percent from a year earlier. However, the total was down from January by less than 1 percent.
Florida had the highest noncurrent loan rates for the month, at 23.8 percent, followed by Nevada (23.3 percent) and Arizona (16.3 percent).
North Dakota had the lowest rate (4.7 percent), with South Dakota (5.4 percent) and Alaska (6.6 percent) almost as low.