Friday, November 7, 2008


Interesting article this morning in Inman News about the return of smaller homes.

Yes, what’s old is new again. Frugality is in. McMansions are out.

The author in the article cites a 1998 book by Sarah Susanka called “The Not So Big House” which appears to have been ahead of its time. Now that the national economy is causing a lot of folks to rethink their economic priorities, there is a surge in “small building” that has not been seen in decades.

Not only are small homes cheaper to build and more affordable to maintain, they are friendlier on the environment as well. Smaller mortgages obviously give families more financial flexibility, and in theory, a less stressful financial existence.

The size of one’s home is obviously a personal decision, but it’s interesting to watch builders and home buyers react to new economic realities.

What do you think? To preview Chapter One of “The Not So Big House”, click HERE.