Monday, October 1, 2012


For 18 years, I have been in the business of real estate.  It can be a hard life at times, an emotional grind, and it’s one that requires discipline, resiliency, commitment, and then more discipline.

Today’s is October 1, and it’s New Year’s Day in real estate. 

Why is today New Year’s Day?  Because the actions you take today will determine what your income looks like 90 days from now. 

Many agents succumb to the “seasonality” mentality when it comes to real estate.  “Oh, there’s no business in the fourth quarter”, they say.  Or, “I’ve already worked my tail off for nine months, I’m taking a break.”

That thinking is fatal.

Because you are always 60 to 90 days from your next paycheck in this business, if you planned on shutting it down in the fourth quarter, then you should have started packing things up July 1.  If you quit now, and don’t seriously restart your marketing until January, you may well go six months without a paycheck.  That’s called vocational suicide, you fool!

The time to crank it up in this business is RIGHT NOW, when many of your competitors stop pedaling and start coasting.  The time to plan a client appreciation event is NOW.  The time to preview new listings is NOW.  The time to call those clients from the spring who got discouraged amid all the intense competition is NOW.

An excellent mentor and former manager with my Century 21 franchise in Southern California taught me the concept of New Year’s Day on October 1 nearly a decade ago.  I’ve used this line of thinking ever since. 

The fourth quarter is the time to finish the year strong, not rest on your laurels.  When else during the year does 25% of your competition mysteriously disappear?  When else can you so easily and clearly stand out above your competition?  When else are the odds for success tilted so steeply in your favor?

It’s October 1, New Year’s Day in real estate.  Raise your glass and give thanks for 2012, the year prices turned around, buyers lost their fear and Denver became recognized nationally for what it is - one of the best real estate markets (and places to live) in the country.  May 2013 be your best year ever!