Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thanks to everyone - nearly 90 of you, in total - who came out this morning for my Megamind Client Appreciation Event at Colony Square.

We had a terrific mix of past clients, business partners and friends on hand for the show, which has been the top-grossing movie in America for the past two weeks.

The story of Megamind was interesting, as well, as the movie explored the themes of good and evil, rights versus responsibilities and love's enduring power to change people - even grimy little blue men with large heads, like Megamind.

Please know the hugs and handshakes today were heartfelt.  I have great gratitude for everyone who has contributed to my business and my life.  Today's movie was just a small token of appreciation for the wonderful tapestry of friendships with which I have been blessed. 

Thanks again for coming out.  As with our previous events, like the Switchfoot concert at the Ogden last spring and the Omni Dessert Buffet last fall, we aim to make these experiences fun and memorable. 

It was great to see you all.