Thursday, September 30, 2010


A simple reminder to my friends in the business... are you ready for 2011?

An old real estate coaching axiom goes like this:  "Whatever actions you take today will determine what your income looks like 90 days from now." 

That means your economic realities for January 2011 are based upon your actions in October of 2010. 

So are you thinking about pumpkin patches, turkey dinners and holiday parties?  Or are you taking listings, showing properties and working on your business plan? 

2011 is not going to be an easy year.  In Colorado, we have lost nearly one-quarter of the agents who were in business just three years ago.  And a bunch more are on the way out.

So who survives?  Those who work.  Those who invent.  Those who create.  And those who do not lose focus.

Enjoy that glass of champagne tonight.  Because tomorrow the New Year begins!