Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, that was interesting.

Where were you when the Great Summer Storm of 2009 rolled through town last night? Here, once the storm got started around 10 o'clock, it sounded like someone had taken a giant firehose full of hail and was firing it at the side of our house.

Not only was there extraordinary amounts of wind, rain and hail, we could see rolling clouds along the ground that would obscure streetlights, buildings and even large trees in our neighborhood. I don't know if it was groundfog or funnel clouds... I just know it was weird.

So I was at Home Depot mid-morning and it was the most crowded I've seen it in four years. Chain saws and power tools flying off the shelves... rakes... garbage cans... power generators... gloves... we had our own economic stimulus event last night, in the form of an insane summer storm.

Just part of the adventure of living in Colorado, I suppose, where you never know what weather event waits just around the bend.