Friday, June 13, 2008


For a real estate blog, this is a bit of a digression.

But I am compelled to share a few thoughts about Tim Russert, who passed away today at 58.

As a journalism major and someone who used to have deep political connections back in Sacramento, Tim Russert has always been my favorite political journalist. Not because his views always agree with mine - but because I found him honest, all the time.

I quit watching television news well over a decade ago, and I no longer take a paper. I follow headlines on my BlackBerry and when I want to know more about something, I can Google my way to whatever I need.

But my respect for Tim Russert endured. Fair, knowledgeable, honorable and not afraid to ask hard questions. Of anyone.

In fact, last year I read "Big Russ and Me", which Russert wrote partly as an autobiography but more as a tribute to his working class father. A great book about what is possible within a family when honor and integrity rule the household.

Head and shoulders above his peers... honest and prepared, every week... host of the ONLY program I always made time to watch.

And now signing off.

"If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press..."